The top of 2017 will bring the release of the brand new Nike Kyrie 3 model. With the release date being right around the corner, you can expect a handful of the model’s colorways to begin leaking, beginning with the 5 you see above. Yeah, you read that right. Five new colorways of the Nike Kyrie 3 have been unveiled. Lets get a quick look at all of them.

We don’t know much about what the Kyrie 3 has to offer when it comes to performance and technology, but we do know what it looks like. What has many people talking is the fact that Nike decided to get rid of the strap on the upper, something we’ve come accustomed to with the first 2 models. Above you will see colorways consisting of a Cavs-like colorway, a Black and White pair, Blue and Yellow and an all-Red pair. Are you feeling any of these? If so, just know that the model is set to make its debut January of 2017.

via: wkobe

Author’s Take

The strap was cool on the first two, but even without it, I feel like this could still be a successful Kyrie model release.

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